Learn how to Create A Successful Blog

Course Content

4 Key Pillars that you will learn
Getting Started

We cover the basics and get you up and running with everything you need to start blogging.

Content and Traffic

Learn how to write viral content for your blog and build a loyal following that keeps generating organic traffic.

SEO & Promotion

Understand SEO technics and how to promote your blog to become an authority figure in your niche.

Monetisation and Tactics

Learn strategies and techniques to turn your blog into a full time job with a full time income.

Why this course?

So we can share your knowledge with the world
Develop, Learn, Grow and Earn with your own Blog

Create A Successful Blog offers you the skills and knowledge you are required to take your Blog from nothing to a successful Blog that meets your needs, standards and goals. This could mean by making a full time living out of your Blog, or having the readership that you want.

The courses provide action points, and tips on what you must do. At the end of the topic, there are assignments for you to complete, and once completed will help your Blog on success. If you don’t quite understand, the course teacher will personally help you out.

  • Content

    Our course is made of up 45% written content for you to learn, read, and understand

  • Assignments

    We provide you with practical assignments that allow you to build while you learn

  • Activities

    Our activities are used to stimulate and promote active thinking

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