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Learn How To Be A Successful Blogger Now!

Are you new to Blogging, or have been Blogging for a while and haven’t quite made it to the Blogosphere? Lucky for you, that you have found the right website. At Create A Successful Blog, you will become a better Blogger as we provide you with excellent tips, help and guidance to make your Blog successful. We have developed a number of different courses that cater for everyone. So if you are new at Blogging, or have been Blogging for a while and need some ideas how to become more successful at Blogging, we have courses for you.

What Does Create A Successful Blog Offer You?

Create A Successful Blog offers you the skills and knowledge you are required to take your Blog from nothing to a successful Blog that meets your needs, standards and goals. This could mean by making a full time living out of your Blog, or having the readership that you want.

Create A Successful Blog offers you a number of Blogging courses that you can take part of to improve your Blogging skills. Not only will you learn everything you need to know to become a successful Blogger, the courses teach and help you put in practice the following things:

  • Blogging tips to make your Blog successful
  • How to write content that will intrigue your readers and perform well in search engines
  • Ingenious ways to promote your Blog and build up your readers
  • How to generate traffic to your Blog
  • Resources that every Blogger should know about
  • One on one personal Blogging consultation – so you can get the most from your Blog

What Is Different About Create A Successful Blog And Other “Learn How To Blog” Websites?

If you want to learn how to Blog, you probably would have found hundreds of other “Learn to Blog” websites. However, Create A Successful Blog is different and unique compared to these other sites. Most learn to Blog sites just present you with 1000′s of words to read, and you’ll spend all this time reading the content, and not actually working on your Blog. Our courses are presented in a presentation slide format, which means you don’t spend the whole time reading. The courses provide action points, and tips on what you must do. At the end of the topic, there are assignments for you to complete, and once completed will help your Blog on success. If you don’t quite understand, the course teacher will personally help you out.

The other benefits Create A Successful Blog offers you, which other Blogging courses don’t, are:

  • You can choose what you want to learn, and when you want to learn it – no wasting time learning content what you already know
  • You will be working with a group of Bloggers who are at your level
  • It is a great opportunity to promote your Blog, as you need friends to help your Blog grow
  • Private discussions with other class members and tutors
  • You will learn on a personal level
  • If something is not covered, and you want to know about it, you can ask the teacher for help

Have You Got A Question?

If you need more information about the courses we offer, please visit our course page, or post a question in the pre-signup forum.


Starting in January 2010, Create A Successful Blog was created by Jack Cola from to allow him to help other Bloggers and beginners to do one simple thing – learn how to create a successful blog.

Create A Successful Blog main purpose is to provided a detailed course on how Bloggers can create a successful Blog. It starts off at the very basics of whether or not the person is capable of being a blogger, then goes into details of choosing what to blog about, how to plan for a blog, how to write content, choosing a theme, promoting it and earning money from it. The course covers everything that a Blogger needs to know.

It is hoped that everyone who comes to this site leaves with something useful and what they didn’t know before.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


One Slide At A Time To Create A Successful Blog

Who is this course for?

  • New Bloggers
    • Who want to start a Blog
    • Who want to know more about Blogging
    • Who want to learn how to Blog properly from day 1
  • Existing Bloggers
    • Who’s Blogs are not as successful as they would like
    • Who want to develop new techniques and strategies to earn more money, and get more subscribers

What does this course cover?

  • Planning a Blog before you start
    • Creating strategies
    • Defining goals, objectives, and aims
    • Choosing your topic, and Blog name
  • Setting up your Blog
    • Selecting a Blog platform and hosting
    • Installing your Blog
  • Wiring content for your Blog
    • What to write
    • Finding content
    • Writing content strategies
    • Creating a writing guide
    • How to write content
    • Writing Viral content
  • Generating traffic to your Blog
    • How to generate traffic to your blog
    • How to get visitors to return
    • How to increase your subscription rate
  • SEO techniques
    • How to get a good Google ranking
    • Keyword analysis and research
    • How to build backlinks
  • Advertising, Marketing, Promotion
    • Why advertise
    • How to gather email subscribers
  • Monetisation Strategies
    • How to make money on your Blog
  • Blogging Tactics
    • What you should and shouldn’t be doing when Blogging

And this is only the start of what you will learn in this course.

How this will improve your Blog

  • 10 Assignments to complete for your Blog
  • 4 tasks to complete to help improve your Blog

Course Preview

Course preview not working, view here.

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Learn How To Create A Successful Blog – Free Course

The Free Blogging Course offers you resources from around the web on how to create a successful Blog.

You will learn:

  • How to set up a Blog
  • How to write killer content
  • How to build traffic up on your Blog
  • How to build a relationship with your readers and other Bloggers
  • and more…

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If you want to take your Blog to the next level, it is highly recommend that you join the paid course above to get personal help and consultation to improve your Blog.


Join Blogging The Resource Hub

  • Not sure how you can take your blog to the next level?
  • Trouble finding tools to help promote your blog?

If you answered yes the the above, then you should take a look in Create A Successful Blog, Bloggers Resource Hub.

Inside, you will find the tools and resources you require to create a successful blog. The tools you’ll find are:

  • The best of the best blogs to teach you how to blog
  • SEO Tools and ResourcesTo get your listed on Google
  • SEO WebsitesTo teach you everything to need to know to get 10000′s hits from Google
  • Keyword Research ToolsTo get the #1 position on Google and other search engins
  • Search Engine Submission Tools - To get listed all over the internet
  • Affiliate ProgramsTo make money selling other people’s products or get other people to sell your products for you
  • Web Design and Development Tools and TutorialsTo make your blog and website stand out from the rest
  • Advertisement NetworksTo earn money selling ads and have your ads on other sites
  • Email Marketing Tools - To build up your newsletter subscribers
  • Advertisement CalculatorsHow much should you charge per keyword?
  • Web analytic and Tracking ToolsDo you know how many people visit your website?
  • Article Directories - Find articles to use on your blog when you have no new content
  • Article Submission DirectoriesGain backlinks by submitting your articles for others to use
  • Get Paid To Write SitesDon’t just write your own reviews, get paid to write reviews
  • Social Bookmarking websites and submission tools - list your site in social networking sites to get more hits
  • Web Servers and Network ToolsAnalyze your network and improve your load time
  • And other helpful and useful toolsTo make your blog a success

Now that you know the resources you’ll find, signup to Blogging Resource Hub and get access to resources to take your blog to the next level.

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