Important Web Analytics Tips For Your Site

To carry out a successful online business it is very important that you analyse the success of your business. You should know how many customers are visiting your site and from where they are visiting, what keywords they are using to reach your site and so on. To know all these things you can make use of web analytics.

Web analytics is a method of collecting, measuring and analysing the website data in order to understand and optimise the usage of the page. Web analytics is a tool used not only to measure the website traffic but is also used for business and marketing research. If you require assistance in web analytics then a Digital Media Agency will be able to help, they can guide you through the entire process in an effective way.

Using web analytics to measure the success of your site is very important. Here are some important web analytical tips for your site:

Web Analytics

  • Assure that all your pages are accurately tagged:

Inspect your tracking and assure that everything is implemented in the right manner and all the data is captured correctly and is relevant. You can make use of low cost tools that can crawl through your website page and check for tags. If you find any page with tags missing or that are coded incorrectly then you can send a report of it to your web development team.

  • Broaden your web analytics:

It is a well-known fact that there is no channel that exits in isolation whether it is social media, email, mobile or anything else, they each have an impact on each other. In order to effectively optimise your marketing you need to move ahead and look for data from different sources.

  • Move ahead from “how many” to “who”

Most of the analysts at present concentrate on analysing only on how many people visit their site, how many have been converted or how many bounced back. They only focus on the number, which is a good thing to begin with but you need to move further from “how many” to “who” and analyse who are the ones that did not get converted and try to engage with those customers to convert them.

  • Learn and understand SQL:

If you are lacking the knowledge of SQL then you might only be able to do limited segmentation and optimisation with the data that is provided by the web analytic tools. If you want to understand the customer behaviour and capitalise on it you should be in a position to take the data from the backend. If you having a clear understanding of SQL then you can do segmentation, targeting and optimisation in a better manner.

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