How To Make A Website or Blog in 11 Steps

So you want to create a website for yourself or business, but don’t know where to start? Nowadays, there are plenty of free and affordable tools to get you started – without needing to know any code!

When creating a website the very first time, there are a few key elements that you need to focus on, which this 12 minute video by Wix will go through everything you need to know.

11 Steps to Build Your Website

1) Determine your website goals – what do you want your website to promote, and what are visitors going to do. What action are they going to perform?

2) Define your target audience – who will be visiting website. Where do they live, what are the interested in?

3) Create your sitemap – what webpages are you going to have, and how will they be designed or laid out?

4) Select the correct keywords – what key words will users search for to find your website?

5) Do your homework – do you have everything you need already to build your website? Make sure you have your logo, content and pictures all ready to go

6) Taking care of the technology – do you have your domain name, hosting and content management system all sorted?

7) Designing your site – let’s find a template and customise it

8) Upload your content – once your design and structure is set, let’s post your content

9) Be a friend to Google – let’s improve your Search Engine Optimisation and track your visitors

10) Be mobile friendly – make sure your website is mobile friendly

11) Showtime – and in 11 steps, you have a website up and running