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  • Who is this course for?
    • New Bloggers
      • Who want to start a Blog
      • Who want to know more about Blogging
      • Who want to learn how to Blog properly from day 1
    • Existing Bloggers
      • Who's Blogs are not as successful as they would like
      • Who want to develop new techniques and strategies to earn more money, and get more subscribers
    What does this course cover?
    • Planning a Blog before you start
      • Creating strategies
      • Setting goals and objectives
    • Setting up your Blog
      • Which Blogging platform to choose
      • How to install Wordpress

    If you want to learn any of the above, then this is the course for you!
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  • If you are a blogger or wanting to learn how to blog, then you can't go past the Blogging Resource Hub. Inside, you will get access to the most compelling list of resources, and tools to push your way into blogging success for six months at a time.

    Join now for only $15.00USD while we upload our list. Current price is now $5.00USD
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  • Want to learn how to blog and don't really want to spend the money on our other courses? If this is you, then you don't want to miss out. This course gives you the resources and knowledge that you need to know how to create a successful blog. Complete the quizzes and read up on our notes. You will be blogging in no time.
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  • Do you need help one on one help to create a successful blog? If you signup to my consultation service, I will practically help you to make your blog a success. I will analyse your Blog, and suggest improvements on how you can make it better. You can ask me any question you will like, and I will answer and help you put it into practice.

    I have expertise in:
    • Website development including using open-source scripts such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Moodle, and others
    • Blogging - From what is blogging to how to make money blogging
    • Website marketing tools and techniques
    • Computer troubleshooting and software help
    • Wordpress administration
    • Content editing
    • and heaps more.
    If you need someone to manage your blog, I can also take on that role for you.
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